10.May .2022 17:00

Gov’t Approved USD 200 MLN Worth Of Energy Projects

Gov’t Approved USD 200 MLN Worth Of Energy Projects
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Georgian government approved several important projects to promote the development of green, renewable energy in the country. This includes solar, wind and hydropower projects.

The installed capacity of the projects is 150 MW, and the total investment cost is approximately USD 200 million.

According to Romeo Mikautadze, Deputy Minister of Economy, of this project, 110 MW accounts for wind projects, 20 MW – solar projects, and the rest for hydropower projects.

"These projects will be implemented in several locations, namely in Gori, Ksani and Aspindza. Their investment value will be 200 million. It will be both local and foreign investments. These capacities will be added to our energy system, which will reduce our dependence on neighboring countries and is a step forward on the path to energy independence," said Romeo Mikautadze.