04.Aug .2020 11:17

Gov't incentives help boost car sales in Spain during July

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The "Plan Renove 2020" scheme to give incentives to people who want to buy new cars gave an important boost to the Spanish car industry in July, according to the figures published on Monday by the three associations of the Spanish auto industry, ANFAC, Faconauto and Ganvam, Trend reports citing Xinhua.

A total of 117,929 cars and off-road vehicles were sold in July, up 1.1 percent from July 2019, putting an end to the falls in sales over the preceding months due to the effects of the coronavirus.

The July figures mean that 457,782 cars were sold in the first seven months of 2020, which is still 43 percent lower than the same period in 2019.

The effects of the Plan Renove 2020 have been most visible in the sales of family cars to individuals, with 61,931 of the vehicles sold in July going to individuals. As hire firms are still struggling due to the crisis in the tourist sector, just 15,634 of the vehicles sold in July were for the firms, while 40,364 of the sales were company cars.

ANFAC's director of communications, Noemi Navas welcomed the results and highlighted how the Plan Renove 2020, which gives greater incentives to those buying low emission vehicles, will help to reduce CO2 emissions.

However, she stressed that despite a positive month, "it is very relevant that we sustain a strong and
attractive market and use these funds to orientate the market and production towards the mobility of the future."