28.Dec .2021 14:30

Gov’t Is Launching A New Export Promotion Program

Gov’t Is Launching A New Export Promotion Program
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The Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development Natia Turnava declares, that a new sub-program is approved within the framework of the state program Enterprise Georgia. As she notes, it will provide technical assistance for the exports.

“We have revealed in communication with the business, that the main challenge for them is to overcome technical barriers on the foreign market, including quality assurance, obtaining various certificates or licenses.

We think the government should help this field. Accordingly, the program includes three new components to facilitate exports. This is the assistance of GEL 20 thousand for each beneficiary for licensing-certification of a product, GEL 20 thousand for per beneficiary for branding and packaging and the third is assistance in stimulating international sales, which includes branding, development of new sales strategies, etc.," - said Natia Turnava.