18.Jan .2023 12:00

Gov't Should Receive High-Quality Service With DRG System - Minister

Gov't Should Receive High-Quality Service With DRG System - Minister
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The Minister of Health of Georgia, Zurab Azarashvili says in 2022, infection control measures were actively carried out in clinics and more than a hundred clinics were already inspected. According to the minister, there were many problems in terms of infection control.

"In 2022, we actively started infection control measures in the clinics, we have already inspected more than a hundred hospitals and in many cases, there were problems in infection control. Intra-hospital infections are the biggest problem in the world and in Georgia as well, unfortunately, it was more difficult for us. With these systematic approaches, we also offered them various trainings, where we shared the experience of different countries on how to organize them. It did not require any capital expenditures, and the clinics solved it easily and quickly in many cases," Zurab Azarashvili notes.

In addition, the minister speaks about access to medical services. He says according to any research, the number of hospital beds should not exceed 10,000, while there are 19,000 hospital beds in Georgia.

"We cannot achieve quality if we have more than we need. These beds require the minimum number of doctors, nurses, support staff, administration, etc. Accordingly, the state should receive quality service at an adequate price with this DRG system and various quality-related reforms," Zurab Azarashvili says.