04.Dec .2019 16:59

GPI Holding Leaves the Hospital Business

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An agreement was achieved between GPI Holding and Georgian Hospital Group Ltd. Georgian Hospital Group has acquired a chain of Geo Hospitals clinics, the transaction was signed on November 22, 2019. GPI Holding reported this information.

GPI Holdings said it was in line with the demand from their European shareholders, who urged the company's management to concentrate on its insurance business.

Paata Lomadze, General Director of GPI Holding, says they spent a lot of time selecting a new owner for the clinic.

“The main reason of our decision is to focus on our core business - insurance activity and develop the directions that are relevant to this business. We are happy that this deal has taken place, as the process of selecting a new owner has continued for a long time - it was important for us to be a strong investor in a well-deserved partner who will be worthy of the start-up business and will be reliable for both us and Geo Hospital staff", said Paata Lomidze.