08.Oct .2020 19:50

Head of GNTA: I Regret the Incompletion of the ‘Restrooms’ Project

Head of GNTA: I Regret the Incompletion of the ‘Restrooms’ Project
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In an interview with The CheckPoints, Mariam Kvrivishvili briefly overviewed her regrets regarding the projects' incompletion, including institutional reforms during the 1 year and 7 months as a Head of the Georgian National Tourism Administration.

Kvrivishvili's regrets mainly revolve around the lack of time. She specifically highlights summer 2019, as well as 2020 and COVID-19, in general, which, due to lack of time, made her incapable of fulfilling important strategized and planned projects.

"I regret not being able to physically be a part of one of my most important projects, which is the so-called "restrooms project" throughout the country. However, I'm very proud that I'm leaving the project as a heritage. This project was done thanks to my team's huge work and the Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia. However, the team and the new head together, and the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development will start the implementation process. I believe this will make a big difference in refining that part of the infrastructure in our country,"- she said.

Kvrivishvilli also highlighted the unfortunate inability to start implementing institutional reforms in the Georgia National Tourism Administration, which, according to her, needs a new structure, broader reform, and institutional strengthening.