17.Mar .2020 19:11

Health Minister: Georgian healthcare system ready to cope with coronavirus


The Minister of Health of Georgia Ekaterine Tikaridze says the country has enough resources to cope with the coronavirus, including medical staff and equipment.

Tikaridze said that there are enough doctors and about 150 artificial respirators to be mobilised in the country that will be used "when needed".

There has been no need (in Georgia) to use the equipment for artificial respiration, however we have mobilised this equipment as well. I would like to assure the population and tell them that we do not have such a serious patient who needs an artificial respirator", said Tikaridze.

Besides, four new hospitals [four other hospitals were emptied earlier] will be fully emptied from patients to receive those infected with Covid-19 if necessary.

Since February 26, 2020 Georgia has had 34 confirmed cases of the China-born respiratory infection, with one recovered and discharged yesterday.

As of now there are 33 in the country who have the virus, with 1,008 people under quarantine and 64 others at hospitals.