03.Feb .2020 18:54

Heritage Foundation: the US must Push for a Free Trade Agreement with Georgia

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The US Heritage Foundation has released its report by fellow researcher Alexis Mrachek on the top priorities in the US Georgia relations this year, stating that it will be ‘an important year’ for the relations.

Push for a Free Trade Agreement with Georgia. Georgia has made tremendous progress over the past decade in integrating further with the West and liberalizing its economy. From 1996, when The Heritage Foundation began publishing its annual Index of Economic Freedom, to 2019, Georgia jumped from the ranks of “economically repressed” to “economically free.” It holds the record for most improved in rank, jumping from number 124 to 16 in only 13 years.

The United States has discussed creating an FTA with Georgia for years. This year should be the time to create one. It would demonstrate tangible support for Georgia, which has contributed to the U.S. mission in Afghanistan for years.

Creating an FTA between Georgia and the U.S. would not be starting from scratch. A high-level trade dialogue already exists, in addition to a bilateral investment treaty and a bilateral trade and investment framework agreement.

An FTA would only strengthen the already strong U.S.–Georgia trade relationship. Congress and the Trump Administration should make it a priority this year.