16.Dec .2019 14:41

Historic Bath "Royal Abastumani" to be Open in 2021 - Papashvili Makes Investment of 12 MLN USD

Historic Bath
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The historic bath "Royal Abastumani" will be opened in spring 2021. Redix told Bm.ge, which is owned by businessman Lasha Papashvili.

According to the company, Redix started large-scale rehabilitation works in 2018. The investment cost of the project is 12 million USD.

Now, 25 people are employed at the site, mostly locals and after opening, it will employ 35 persons.
As Redix explains, hardest construction and engineering infrastructure of the object has been envisaged during the rehabilitation works.

“Minus 1 floor and tunnels have been cleaned from the land. Relaxation space and sulfur showers will be provided. The 6 showers will retain their traditional function and serve Abastumani locals. Hydrogeological research has been conducted, which will eventually remove the problem of humidity and water from the cultural heritage.

The facade is currently being restored, some parts of the authentic stone facade will be preserved. On the minus one floor there will be a small museum, featuring both bath and abastumani history", the company notes.