23.Dec .2019 12:57

Holder Company of Saknakhshiri: we will submit investment plan to the government late January

Holder Company of Saknakhshiri: we will submit investment plan to the government late January
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“We have such term that we should submit a full investment plan to the government by the end of January; now it's being processed,” Aleksandre Chochia, manager of Steel International Trade Company told BM.GE.
When asked how much the company invests in shafts, Aleksandre Chochia refrains from specifying and explains that everything depend on the amount of work to be done.

“We will refrain from talking about any details not to deceive anyone. German experts are still working, continuing their work, and their report outlines how much investment should be made to keep shafts safe. So far, the document is at draft and not signed by them; I think that by the end of the year a new document from the German company DMT will be approved. As a result of these conclusions, an action plan will be written on and then, we will know when the active working process will start,” says the company manager.

Asked by BM.GE, which countries the company considers as export markets, the manager of the Steel International Trade Company responds that it is premature to talk about how much coal will be extracted in Tkibuli mines.

“Work is underway. We cannot say in advance where we will export our coal, because everyone is interested in how much coal we will be able to produce on the basis of stability. Talking about which country and to what extent we go is a bit premature. However, the Turkish market is a fairly recent and large one, and we hope that there will be some trade in this market first. Getting into the details, however, is premature. No partner will follow us until you have a stable extraction plan, ”Alexander Chochia said.

According to him, as long as the shafts are stopped, the miners receive their salaries and the company has no debt to them.