13.May .2020 19:29

Hospitals to resume planned surgeries in Georgia – Tamar Gabunia


Hospitals will soon resume planned surgeries, as the risk of the coronavirus spreading has been reduced in Georgia Deputy Health Minister Tamar Gabunia stated today. Gabunia said that hospitals are ready to prevent the spread of the infection.

"During the last 2-3 months, the number of admissions to hospitals was significantly decreased at the expense of planned cases, which could have been postponed. The decision to postpone was made by the patients themselves. In this case, intensive planning of the planned interventions was not really recommended, because we were at high risk of spreading the infection. Now this risk has been reduced, the readiness of clinics, in terms of infection control, is significantly higher than it was at the onset of the epidemic. We are already thinking that the usual pace of planned operations will be resumed and patients will return to clinics for planned interventions, ”Gabunia said.