15.Nov .2019 17:25

How Badri Japaridze Explains Investment Decline in Georgia

How Badri Japaridze Explains Investment Decline in Georgia
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“Any economic reform or initiative is doomed to fail if the supremacy of law is trampled in the country," Badri Japaridze, one of the founders of the public movement "Lelo" has declared TV-program "Business Morning".

Japaridze links the lack of investment in the country to the breakdown of country's judicial system. According to him, investors have lost confidence in the country because they do not know what kind of initiative they are pursuing.

“How, can we talk about the investors’ confidence, when they see what is happening today at the prosecutor's office and court in recent years. Let’s why, we have such a catastrophic decline in investments externally, as well as domestically. When the investor is uncertain about the government's initiatives, they will refrain from making any risky decisions, hence investing money. So we have a decline in investments. This is because jobs are not created, and most importantly, investment is not just about money. Investments bring technology, knowledge, culture of doing business. That is why encouraging foreign investment is not just funds inflow”, said Badri Japaridze, co-founder of the public movement Lelo.