21.Dec .2020 16:30

How Did Turnava’s Warning Change the Hotels’ New Year Plans? - Crowne Plaza Borjomi

How Did Turnava’s Warning Change the Hotels’ New Year Plans? - Crowne Plaza Borjomi
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“As of the restrictions imposed by the government, cultural events and other social gathering are strictly prohibited during festive season in the wake of novel coronavirus pandemic”, - Natia Turnava, the candidate for the Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development, reminded the hotels about the restrictions.

According to Crowne Plaza Borjomi, the hotel management started preparations for the New Year and the program had been drawn up, but the minister's statement changed their plans.

"We were informed about the regulations for holding the events, but after the Minister's speech, we received an identical written warning yesterday. Before that we had constant communication with the tourism administration. For some reason we came to such a conclusion and were not planning to hold the event, but a dinner for New Year's Eve was planned. Of course the distance between the guests was kept and we followed all regulations. We planned to have a singer for the evening of December 31 and a pianist for January 1. After yesterday's announcement we had additional communications with the tourism administration as we found out something was changed and we received additional recommendations. According to them, live music will no longer be available on New Year’s Eve.

The evening will be as usual, with non-live music and our guests will be able to order the dishes they want in the restaurant, "- explained Lika Mikashavidze, sales manager of the hotel.

According to her, the workload of the hotel for the New Year will be relatively higher than it is at standard times.

"There is already interest in the New Year period, but they mainly call for information.

In previous years, there were reservations from foreign tourists, but this year some of the hotels are closed - there are many new factors and it is difficult to say how much the hotel will work during the New Year, but we think the load will be more than 50%, "- said the sales manager of Crowne Plaza Borjomi and added that prices were 30% down during the New Year period.