09.Oct .2020 10:50

How does COVID-19 affect medical expenditures?

How does COVID-19 affect medical expenditures?
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"The expenditures of clinics 30-40% up, while the number of patients 60% down," Anzor Melia, founder of Clinic "Guli" told BM.GE.

As Melia says, on the background of devaluated lari, expensive drugs, medical equipment and reduced number of patients have left the clinics without a minimum income. The founder of the Clinic "Guli" also says that everything has become more expensive, which is needed for the operation of their specific clinic, the expenditures are increased by about 30%, while the number of patients is reduced by 60%.

"According to Resolution 520, funds have been reduced. The Ministry already owes debts for 4-5 months, the patients are in a lot of trouble, the borders are closed for our foreign patients. All this affects the work of the diagnostic center. If earlier we have served 60 patients, now we have 15-20 patients. Before the pandemic, I paid 42-45 GEL for the devices needed for coronagraphs, now I have to pay 55 GEL. However, the state has not increase the price for coronographs.

Everything became more expensive - valves, artificial aorta, threads. In this condition, the state can tell us not to live in this country. The cost has increased by 30-40%, while the number of patients has decreased by 60%, "said Anzor Melia, the founder of the Clinic “Guli”.