15.Oct .2020 22:00

How Does Georgia Score on the Freedom on Net 2020? – 3 Components

How Does Georgia Score on the Freedom on Net 2020? – 3 Components
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Violation of users’ rights seems to be the weakest point for Georgia in The Freedom on Net 2020 report, published today by the Freedom House. Georgia here scores 26 out of a maximum 40.

“In general, user rights are well protected in Georgia. During the coverage period, there were fewer prosecutions for protected online activities. However, the country was menaced by several serious cyber-attacks. In addition, contentious amendments threatened to give a body under the State Security Service overbroad powers in the realm of cybersecurity” – Freedom House reports.

As for the rest two components of Freedom on the Net 2020 – obstacles to access and limits on content – Georgia scores 19 out of 25 and 31 out of 35, respectively. In regards to obstacles to access, the Freedom House states that “access to the internet continued to grow during the coverage period. The government attempted to breathe new life into its long-standing (and long unfulfilled) broadband development plans. Just after the coverage period, the state telecommunications regulator gained sweeping new powers over internet service providers (ISPs)”.

In regards to limits on content, the Freedom House states that “a problematic regulation governing “inadmissible content” on the internet was invalidated during the coverage period, removing a major restriction on Georgia’s (quite unrestricted) online environment. However, revelations about domestic political actors’ use of inauthentic social media accounts raised concerns about the “pollution” of this environment”.