18.May .2021 17:00

How Effective Is the Sinovac Vaccine?

How Effective Is the Sinovac Vaccine?
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According to Deputy Health Minister Tamar Gabunia, the manufacturers say the vaccines are effective against all coronavirus strains. However, according to her, the error may be 2-3% compared to the efficacy rates shown by vaccines against the classic strain of Covid-19.

"As for the effectiveness of vaccines against Indian and British strains, it is too early to talk about scientific findings, but most manufacturers confirm that most vaccines are effective. Of course, this will require further research.

As for the Sinovac - the vaccine has shown 56% efficacy in terms of delaying the infection, but in terms of severe cases and prevention of death, its effectiveness is quite high and exceeds 90%. However, the recently published results of a study conducted in Indonesia, where Sinovac was used, the efficacy rate was 86%. Its rate of protecting people from infection, as well as fatal and severe cases, is very high, and the positive conclusion of WHO experts are due to this," - said Tamar Gabunia.