19.Nov .2019 13:45

How Georgia’s export is distributed in the CIS and the EU – 10 M’s Data

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According to the preliminary data of Sakstat, in January-October 2019 the exports from Georgia to the EU countries amounted to USD 685.2 million (14.2 percent higher compared to January- October 2018) and constituted 22.6 percent of total exports.

While, the imports amounted to USD 1 889.0 million (9.0 percent lower) with 25.8 percent in total imports. The external trade turnover of Georgia with the EU countries amounted to USD 2 574.2 million, showing a 3.8 percent decrease compared to the corresponding indicator of the previous year. The EU countries accounted for 28.0 percent of the trade deficit.

In January-October 2019 the exports to the CIS countries stood at USD 1 610.6 million (22.5 percent higher compared to January-October 2018) and reached 53.1 percent of total exports, while the imports equaled USD 1 927.2 million (12.5 percent lower) with 26.3 percent in total import.

The trade turnover with the CIS countries totaled USD 3 537.8 million (0.6 percent higher). The CIS countries accounted for 7.4 percent of the overall trade deficit in the corresponding period.

To note, in January-October 2019 the external merchandise trade (excluding non-declared trade) of Georgia amounted to USD 10 366.9 million, 0.5 percent higher year-on-year. The exports equaled USD 3 035.7 million (10.4 percent higher), while the imports stood at USD 7 331.2 million (3.1 percent lower).