10.Mar .2020 17:38

How Helps Management of Night Economy to Small and Medium-sized Businesses?


Management of Night Economy offers trainings and workshops to micro, small and medium-sized businesses. According to Sergi Gvarjaladze, manager of Tbilisi Night Economy, trainings are being held on various topics.

As part of their training, they will learn how to improve their service, use online platforms to attract more customers. Sergi Gvarjaladze says that often the business does not have the funds to study it independently.

“Night Labs have a special role in helping micro and small entrepreneurs, but to conduct intensive work, it requires necessary funding.

We are working very hard to raise funds, have special partners in different fields and we are looking for other financially capable companies that will be involved in this process. For example, last year we conducted training specifically for small entrepreneurs, such as digital marketing.

We also have carried out “a service plus training” for small hotels and apartment rentals about AIRBNB, what additional services can be offered to the customers, this helps tourism to be developed in the country. We already have results in this direction, the demand has increased since the second day of training ”, - says Sergi Gvarjaladze.