13.Apr .2020 18:08

How is the condition related to the hazelnut exports? – Interview

How is the condition related to the hazelnut exports? – Interview
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“Demand for hazelnuts has not decreased and it is stable throughout this period, " Mariam Kodua, head of the hazelnut production company Keskia, told BM.GE.

According to her, one of the main advantages in this regard is the fact that nuts are not a perishable product. Nevertheless, while talking to BM.GE about the problems of exporters, Mariam Kodua singled out the issue of transportation.

"The hazelnut is still export-oriented sector and the problem that may arise is related to transportation. If the situation in the world does not change, supply will be a problem. In the first case, the situation should be stable in the host countries, "- said the head of" Keskia ".

In addition to exports, Keskia cooperates with major manufacturers on the local market. As we have found out, during the current period, Keskia's products were not exported due to reasons of coronavirus, therefore, the effect created in this regard was less reflected on Keskia.

According to her, "Keskia" takes harvest in August, after which the export will be activated. The uncertain future make the company’s plans vague, however, the company hopes that in this period, the situation will be stable.

"Consumers of Georgian hazelnuts are still mainly Italy and Germany. The situation in these countries should be stabilized so that hazelnuts do not have a problem," Mariam Kodua added.