31.Jan .2023 15:00

How Many Cars Did Volvo Car Caucasus Sell In 2022?

How Many Cars Did Volvo Car Caucasus Sell In 2022?
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Gaga Kokhreidze, director of "Volvo Car Caucasus" says, 160 cars were sold in Georgia in 2022. As he told TV-program "Business Morning", last year there was a significant increase compared to 2021, although they had more success in the region.

"In general, demand for new cars has significantly increased, so supply cannot meet the demand, but we tried to find new alternative ways that gave us the opportunity to satisfy the demand as much as possible," - said Gaga Kokhreidze.

According to Kokhreidze, there is a great interest in plug-in hybrid cars.

"In Georgia and in the region in general, the demand is for almost the same type of cars, but the Azerbaijan market is more different, where the interest is mainly in Sedans. While, 85% of our sales in Georgia account for crossovers. Recently, plug-in hybrid cars are very popular everywhere. Previously, if we sold 20% of such cars, last year, hybrid car sales made up 40%. There are several reasons for the increase in demand for these models - the manufacturer has become more active and is launching more eco-friendly cars, which consume less gasoline," explains the director of "Volvo Car Caucasus".