29.Oct .2020 11:00

How Many Customers Does the Georgian Scooter Rental Company Scroll Have?

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Georgian scooter rental company Scroll also appeared in Kyiv. As Daniel Doinitsyn, the company's business development manager told, Scroll has been operating in the Ukrainian capital for several days.
As for Georgia, at the moment, Scroll scooters are available in Tbilisi, Batumi, and Rustavi. In total, according to Doinitsin, the company owns about 2,000 scooters.
According to the company's business development manager, the Scroll app has already been downloaded by more than 100,000 users.
"Our customers are people aged 19 to 49. Among them may be a sports lover who goes to the tennis court, for example, a person interested in yoga, etc. Real estate agents also use our scooters. Some of them use them to go to meetings, some of them just for fun," said Doinitsyn.
The price of environmentally friendly vehicles varies by city. Activation of the scooter costs 1 GEL, and then every next minute, 35 tetri is added in Tbilisi, and 25 tetri in Batumi and Rustavi.
Scroll employs a total of about 100 people.
The company plans to expand to other cities in Georgia and abroad. Also, according to Doinitsin, work is underway on one project that envisages introducing a new service with a similar type of application, but, in this case, other means of transport will be used.
For reference, Scroll belongs to "Adjara Group." It was created this year. Company scooters can be used by downloading a special application.