31.Jul .2020 18:24

How many doctors and nurses are employed in the healthcare sector? – Geostat


In 2019, 265 hospitals operated in Georgia, with 17.5 thousand hospital beds (In 2018 - 16.0 thousand), Geostat
In 2019, 31.7 thousand physicians were employed in Georgia (main staff), increased by 748 persons (2.4%) compared to previous year. In 2019, the number of nurses increased by 8.8% compared to 2018 and amounted to 19 613 persons.

In 2019, the number of registered cases of diseases diagnosed for the first time decreased by 11.0% compared to previous year. During the last ten years this indicator reached a maximum level in 2015.

The number of registered cases diagnosed for the first time is characterized by a decreasing trend in most of the major disease groups compared to 2018. In particular, infectious and parasitic diseases decreased by 7.4%, diseases of the digestive organs - by 13.5%, diseases of the skin and subcutaneous tissue - by 12.3%, diseases of urogenital system - by 21.6%, complications of pregnancy, childbirth and postnatal period - by 0.3%, certain conditions originated in the perinatal period - by 30.3%, diseases of the eye and adnexa - by 36.4%. From 20 main disease groups the most common in the population are diseases of the respiratory system (32.8%), diseases of the digestive organs (17%) and diseases of the circulatory system (7.9%).