14.Apr .2021 11:00

How many people were ready to buy COVID-vaccine? - GHG

How many people were ready to buy COVID-vaccine? - GHG
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30 thousand persons wanted to buy COVID-vaccine, - Nikoloz Gamkrelidze, CEO of Georgia Healthcare Group told BM.GE. According to him, people under the age of 55 demanded commercial COVID-vaccine, as the elderly can take AstraZeneca jabs.

According to him, the distribution of commercial vaccines has been delayed due to the vaccine deficit, but negotiations are still underway with the specific manufacturer.

“We had a calculation based on specific information. The demand was from different types of organizations. We demanded two doses of COVID-vaccine for 30,000 people. We do not look at COVID-vaccine from a commercial point of view, though the basis is commercial. We deeply believe that vaccination will open up the country soon and the recovery of the economy will start faster. This is our vision. I think the demand still exists and will exist because today there are criteria by which the vaccine is limited to young people. I think that there always will be a demand for any authorized vaccine,” said Nikoloz Gamkrelidze.