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How many persons are employed at the Georgian Markets?

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In 2019 number of active economic agents engaged in organization of markets were 208 in Georgia, 30.8 percent of which located in Tbilisi, while 20.7 percent located in Imereti region, 12.0 Percent in Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti region, 12.0 percent – Kakheti region, 7.2 percent - Kvemo Kartli region, 5.3 percent – Adjara region, 4.3 percent – Shida Kartli region, 2.9 percent – Samtskhe-Javakheti region, 1.9 percent – Guria region, 1.9 percent – Mtskheta-Mtianeti region and 1.0 percent – RachaLechkhumi and Kvemo Svaneti region.

For economic agents engaged in organization of markets most frequent legal form can be considered a limited liability company which holds 76.0 percent share from total number of active markets in 2019. The Individual entrepreneur holds 21.6 percent share. Other markets hold legal forms of cooperatives (1.0 percent), joint stock companies (1.0 percent) and joint liability companies (0.4 percent). 96.6 percent of total markets are under private ownership while rest of 3.4 percent under governmental ownership.

In 2019 all of Economic agents engaged in organization of markets were located on 2.0 mln sq. m area, where length of existed stands reached 53.1 thousand meters, of which 65.7 percent located inside of buildings. The all markets are ensured with 73 unit of vet laboratory, 1360 unit of storage facilities with total area of 27,4 thousand sq. meters and 415 unit of cold storage facilities 0.8 thousand tone total capacity. In 2019 37.0 percent from total active markets were roofed (a trade process is carried out inside of building), 32.7 percent is open type bazaar (a trade process is carried outside of building) and 30.3 percent semi roofed (a trade process is carried as inside as outside of building).

In 2019 on a territory of active markets in Georgia trade of food and nonfood goods is carried out by the economic agents. 32.2 percent of markets trade only nonfood goods. Single market trades only with food goods, three market trades with cars also while five markets trade as poultry as livestock. On a territory of markets in Georgia the trade is carried out in several days per week: in 163 markets a daily trade is carried out, while Sunday trade is organized in 19 markets. The trade except Sunday is carried out in three markets. In rest of markets one day, two or three day trade process is carried out during different days of week. The number of trade places in markets reaches 55.7 thousand where averagely 45.1 thousand seller trades per day.

In 2019 number of employed persons in administration units of economic agents engaged organization of markets was amounted 3.0 thousand 33.8 percent of which female. 46.4 percent of employed persons are provided in Tbilisi and rest of it is distributed through the other regions. In 2019 income of economic agents engaged organization of markets amounted 166.5 mil. GEL. In order to receive single time license for trade right inside of market territory totally have been amounted 50,4 mil. GEL, which is 30.3 percent of total income of market administration. 63.3 percent of income comes from rent of trade stands while 6.4 percent share belongs to other income. Total Expenditures of economic agents engaged organization of markets amounted 99,6 mil.GEL, of which 29.3 mil. GEL goes as salary for employed persons.