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How Much Do Mobile Operators’ Subscribers Spend?

How Much Do Mobile Operators’ Subscribers Spend?
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Mobile operators operating in Georgia have submitted a report for 7M2021 to the Communications Commission.

According to the documents, individuals and the corporate sector paid a total of GEL 306.7 million in mobile communications this year. Including, GEL 228.6 million was paid by the individuals, while GEL 78.1 million - by the corporate sector.

Revenues from mobile communication by companies in 7M2021 are distributed as follows:

"Magti" - GEL 141.6 million;
"Silknet" - GEL 108.4 million;
"Beeline" (Vioni Georgia) - GEL 56.7 million.

As of July 2021, the number of active subscribers was as follows:

Magti - 2.1 million subscribers;
Silknet - 1.69 million subscribers;
"Beeline" - 1.29 million subscribers.

According to the report, in July 2021, almost half of the revenues of the corporate sector accounted for Magti.

As for mobile operators, the revenue received from ARPU (average revenue per user) is particularly important. "Magti" is leading with this indicator, and "Beeline" is in the last place.

Average Revenue Per User in July 2021:

"Magti" - 11.04 GEL per month;
"Silknet" - 10.56 GEL per month;
"Beeline" - 7.19 GEL per month.