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How Much Do Tickets From Lowcoster Eurowings Cost?

How Much Do Tickets From Lowcoster Eurowings Cost?
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Ivan Orec, Senior Manager Network Development & Airport Relations at Eurowings declares, that Expectations regarding Georgia are positive, as the number of sold tickets in the country is high. According to the preliminary assumption, demand on the tickets will grow further.

"We have taken the first step and entered the Tbilisi International Airport, so we are watching how the demand will will grow. So far, we can say with certainty that Eurowings will continue to operate in Georgia after the summer or during the winter season, but we are still focused on the Dusseldorf-Tbilisi route, and the rest will be added and increased on demand, as well as airports and destinations," declares the representative of the air company.

According to Ivan Orek, the ticket price starts from 99.9 EUR and includes one direction, but there are discounts, so cheap flights are quite possible between Tbilisi and Dusseldorf.

"The main advantage is quality and comfort. The passenger knows exactly what he is paying for and trusts us. In addition, we offer customers the major airports and most in-demand destinations in Europe. We are fully adapted to the passenger and a good synthesis of high quality and budget price ", - said Ivan Orek.

The German lowcoster Eurowings has started operating on the Georgian air market. The air company will operate flights from Dusseldorf to Tbilisi twice a week by AIRBUS A320 aircraft.

The Union of Georgian Airports has been in active negotiations with Eurowings to start direct flights to Georgia since 2017.