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How Much Does Overflight Cost in Georgia?

How Much Does Overflight Cost in Georgia?
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Any plane that uses Georgian airspace is obliged to pay for air navigation services.

The overflight fees are transferred in the budget of SAKAERONAVIGATSIA. The load of Georgian airspace was quite high before the pandemic. It served over 389 airplanes per day. Now, the number of transit flights is halved.

According to the financial report of SAKAERONAVIGATSIA, in 2019 the total revenue of the company was 76.6 million GEL, while the net profit was 2.8 million GEL.

In 2019, revenues of SAKAERONAVIGATSIA were as follows:

● Revenue from air navigation services on transit flights - 45.4 million GEL (total 92,997 flights);
● Revenue from take-off / landing services - GEL 28.5 million (total 47,975 take-offs / landings).

Accordingly, one medium-size airplane pays SAKAERONAVIGATSIA 594 GEL for one take-off / landing service, while the average overflight fee totals to 487 GEL.

As a result of the pandemic, revenues of SAKAERONAVIGATSIA is 70% down due to the pandemic. SAKAERONAVIGATSIA uses the radar infrastructure, included in the company's assets, for scheduling the air services. The total value of the company's assets is 175 million GEL.