06.Jun .2022 10:00

How Much Does Real Estate In Kaspi "Hollywood City" Cost?

How Much Does Real Estate In Kaspi "Hollywood City" Cost?
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An investment project "Hollywood City" is being implemented in Kaspi, which is built by the investment development company "Swift Land Group". The complex will include commercial spaces, a hotel, residential villas, entertainment, sports facilities, and a film study center.

Irma Elbakidze, head of the company's public relations talks to BMG about real estate prices in Hollywood City. According to her, many people are already interested in buying property in the new tourist zone.

"In 45 minutes from Tbilisi you will meet " Hollywood City ". The interest is very high; Many people write us and get information about the project. As for prices, considering that the area of ​​each villa is approximately from 208 sq / m to 265 sq / m, the average price per square m will start from USD 1000. The price includes a swimming pool and parking.

It should be noted that we have started communication with Georgian commercial banks and will soon offer mortgages to our customers. A new tourist zone is being created in Kaspi and I am sure that many people will benefit from the opportunities that the project will give us,” said Irma Elbakidze.

At this stage the construction site of the project is being arranged and the foundation of 8 villas has already been laid. However, the construction process is divided into stages; The first phase will be completed in December 2022, and the project will be completed in the first half of 2024.