12.Jan .2021 14:00

How much money will Ivanishvili retain?

How much money will Ivanishvili retain?
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Former Prime Minister of Georgia and former chairman of the ruling Georgian Dream Bidzina Ivanishvili has told Entrepreneur online magazine that he will donate his material assets worth 1.5 billion USD to the CHARITY FOUNDATION CARTU on December 30-31.
According to Ivanishvili, 200 million USD remains at his and his spouse’s disposal.

“Business projects financed by the Co-Investment Fund and the residual capital invested in these projects, will be donated to the charity fund, when the burden will be lifted”, Ivanishvili noted.

Former chairman of ruling party notes, that the projects will be delivered in the form of the real-estate or the real-estate will be sold and the money will go to the fund.

“The same fate befalls to the collection of paintings, which is also part of this residual capital. One part of the collection has already been sold and the money is transferred to the fund. When the rest of the paintings are sold, the money will also be donated to the charity fund. However, we can assume not wait for their realization and donate part of the collection to the foundation.

1.5 billion USD will be fully spent on charity. This process has started on December 30-31 and this process will continue gradually. 200 million USD remains at the disposal of me and my wife," Ivanishvili said.