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How Much Profit Did The PF Receive ?

How Much Profit Did The PF Receive ?
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The international auditing company KPMG, a member of Big Four accounting firms, completed the financial audit of the "Partnership Fund". According to the document, the net profit of the fund in 2021 amounted to GEL 134.9 million.

As of the 2021 consolidated financial statements of the "Partnership Fund", all the leading economic indicators of the fund are positive. The PF revenues increased by 13% and exceeded GEL 1.6 billion, while total liabilities decreased by GEL 247.9 million, which was 8% decline compared to the previous year. In addition, net financial expenses were reduced by GEL 448.4 million.

According to the audit report, the net profit received from the investment activities of the "Partnership Fund" alone, excluding the state subsidiaries, amounted to GEL 1.2 million.