19.Nov .2020 10:30

How much revenue does BURBERRY have in Georgia?

How much revenue does BURBERRY have in Georgia?
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LLC Leader System, operator and representative company of British luxury brand BURBERRY in Georgia has published audited financial report 2019 on the web-page reportal.ge.

The document reads that the company's total revenues increased by more than 3 million GEL and reached 12.4 million GEL in 2019. In addition, the company ended 2019 with a net profit of 870 thousand GEL.

According to the report, prime cost of company’s sales has made up 8.6 million GEL. However, the company spent 825 thousand GEL on employee salaries, and 586 thousand GEL on lease.

As of the audited financial report, the company is engaged in the trade of construction materials as well, but distribution of revenues between these segments is not indicated in the report.

For comparison, the income of low-cost brands in Georgia is several times higher than the income of Burberry. For example, H&M sales totaled to 35.4 million GEL in 2019, while Zara sales were more than 44.9 million GEL.