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How Much Sunflower Oil Did Georgia Buy In 8M2022?

How Much Sunflower Oil Did Georgia Buy In 8M2022?
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Sunflower oil imports in the country were almost halved in January-August of this year. If Georgia bought 23,393 tons of oil and paid USD 34.1 million in 8 months of last year, this year the volume of sunflower oil import was 12,991 tons, and the value amounted to USD 24.4 million.

According to Geostat, the current year's imports are also behind the volumes observed in 2020 and 2019. The value of 2020 (USD 23.5 million ) exceeds the figure of 2019 (USD 22.3 million).

Official statistics show that traditionally Russia remains the main import market of sunflower oil for Georgia. During this period oil imports from Russia were halved. Despite the war, Ukraine was also included in the top three importing countries in January-August.

TOP-5 Oil Importing Countries in January-April:

1. Russia - USD 19.7 million, 10,594 tons;
2. Azerbaijan - USD 3.1 million, 1 545 tons;
3. Ukraine - USD 683.7 thousand, 387 tons;
4. Turkey - USD 450 thousand, 212 tons;
5. Kazakhstan - USD 386 thousand, 203 tons;

In this period, small amounts of sunflower oil were imported from Armenia, Italy, Germany, Belarus and France.