19.Mar .2020 18:07

How the government sustains prices for nine products? – Explanation


A price restraint mechanism is ready and has been agreed upon between business and the government. Specifically, prices for nine products will not increase in Georgia, said the Prime Minister’s Spokesperson Irakli Chikovani earlier today.

Chikovani also spoke about food stocks and said that there is no risk of food shortages in the country.

Yesterday, Agriculture Minister Levan Davitashvili was asked by Prime Minister Giorgi Gakharia to create a price restraint mechanism and negotiate with businesses to not increase prices for several products. The products prices which will not be changed are rice, pasta, sunflower oil, flour, sugar, wheat, buckwheat, beans, milk powder and its products.

Today, Levan Davitashvili met with the heads of canned food companies Kula, Marneuli Food Factory and TMT.

“A significant share of the canned products’ market is owned by Georgian companies. Heads of the Georgian canning companies said that they have supplies for one year and even in case of increased demand, there will not be a deficit,” said Davitashvili after the meeting.

Yesterday, Davitashvili met the heads of large supermarkets to discuss food stocks and the issue of price regulation.

Davitashvili said yesterday that along with the fight against the spread of the new coronavirus, the government is continuously working with all stakeholders involved in providing food to the population.