13.May .2021 14:30

How Will Georgia Use Covid Passports?

How Will Georgia Use Covid Passports?
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The Interagency Council and the Prime Minister of Georgia supported the launch of Covid-19 passports in Georgia. According to the Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development Natia Turnava, the initiative is presented by the Ministry of Health and now work is underway on its concept.

“Covid-19 Passport will be finally approved soon. The document will include information on when a person was vaccinated, whether they had a PCR test or recovered from coronavirus. We think this will be an important document to travel abroad, "Natia Turnava said.

According to the Minister of Economy, Georgia will be one of the first countries to offer technologically sound documents to the population.

As for the use of COVID-passport inside the country, Natia Turnava declares that "works are underway".

"Specific material benefits are not considered. The point is that when people and companies are safe, we will have the opportunity to ease restrictions," said Natia Turnava.