14.Jul .2020 10:58

Huawei to have services from Czech APP developer in new phones

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The applications of the Czech internet leader Seznam.cz will be part of the offer in new Huawei phones sold in the Czech Republic, the company stated in a press release on Monday, Xinhua reports.

Chinese technology firm Huawei will offer List services, including news and search, through its AppGallery store, which has 400 million users per month.

"Huawei and Seznam.cz have agreed on partnerships and cooperation in many areas. Seznam.cz, as a major developer of many mobile applications in the Czech Republic, supports Huawei in building its own application store. The recently introduced P40, P40 Pro and P40 Lite phones are the first models, and we believe that our customers will appreciate it," Czech News Agency (CTK) quoted Filip Matys, Huawei's product portfolio manager, as saying on Monday.

"Huawei mobile devices form a large part of the market in the Czech Republic. We are pleased to be able to work together to help us reach other users with List products. This is in line with our mobile strategy, which responds to the fact that consumption is increasingly moving entertainment and content from desktop to mobile phones," said Matěj Hušek, director of content services at Seznam.

Huawei is building its own ecosystem AppGallery, where popular applications in the Czech Republic, such as Alza.cz and CZC, can be found.