01.Sep .2020 11:27

Hyundai has been disqualified in the minibus tender, cost of 30 million


Tbilisi Transport Company has decided to disqualify Hyundai in a tender, cost of 30-million, announced for the purchase of 300 new minibuses for Tbilisi.

Hyundai offered the Transport Company to bring the H350-type minibuses, but the tender commission had several questions about the vehicle's technical parameters. The company had a deadline for submitting those parameters until August 27. On August 31, the tender commission found that the company was unable to provide the information, which led to its disqualification.

The best bid in the tender was submitted by GT Motors. The company is offering bringing Ford Transit minibuses to the transport company.

The cost of one minibus envisaged by the tender amounts to 100,000 GEL. In the case of purchase, the City Hall will transfer these minibuses to the company "Tbilisi Minibus", which is a private transport operator. According to the tender requirements, the new minibus should be designed for 17 passengers.

The tender was announced on July 15 and submission of proposals expired on August 17.