22.Nov .2021 16:30

I don’t see any trend of GEL strengthening – Expert

I don’t see any trend of GEL strengthening – Expert
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As a result of November 19 trading, the Georgian national currency strengthened by 1.83 tetri against the US dollar and the official value of 1 USD became 3.1120 GEL. The national currency strengthened by 3.16 tetri against the EUR and the official value of 1 EUR totaled to 3.5169 GEL; There is a 4.65-tetri strengthening against the GBP, the value of which became 4.1769 GEL. This is the best exchange rate for GEL since September. It last month, the national currency strengthened by 2.24 tetri against the USD and by 11.52 tetri against EUR.

BM.GE asked economic expert Levan Surguladze, what could be the reason for GEL strengthening against the background of the political crisis in the country during the last month. According to the financier, "this is a short-term in change and in this case we cannot talk about a strengthening trend."

"I have not noticed a significant strengthening of GEL against USD; national currency is strengthened only by a few tetri. There are many factors affecting lari, but I have not noticed such an essential factor for GEL strengthening, so I cannot say what is the vitally important factor for lari strengthening in the resent period, "- said Surguladze.