08.Apr .2021 10:00

Cinemas reopen today after 10 months on pause

Cinemas reopen today after 10 months on pause
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Cinemas reopen today in Georgia after 10 months on pause. According to Salome Kuprashvili, marketing director of Cavea, the citizens must follow many COVID-related regulations.

“We have many new movies and COVID-related regulations. Citizens must wear face masks and keep distance indoor space, including the movie sessions. We are tightening cleaning rules and getting ready our guests to feel safe. Our employees will be frequently tested on COVID-19”, Kuprashvili declared.

The break between the movie sessions will be 30 minutes as the administration plans to clean the halls in line with the recommendations.

Movie tickets are already available online, but representative of Cavea does not specify how many tickets are sold but notes that interest is high. It worth mentioning that ticket price is not grown.