15.Jan .2021 10:00

ICR Group: half of the facilities can close

ICR Group: half of the facilities can close
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Kakha Khazaradze, the head of ICR Group told BM.GE, that 2021 would be difficult for the sector and the Group considers closing of shops.

He notes, that the current situation does not give any hope and the group will have to reduce the number of facilities by up to 50%.

"It is very difficult to make predictions in this situation. I think we can reduce the facilities by 30% in a good case, but in worse condition half of them can close. The current economic situation does not allow us to make positive predictions. First and foremost is how we spend this winter. We will have a clearer picture for March, ”said Kakha Khazaradze.

ICR Group unites the following European brands of footwear, clothing, accessories, furniture and café/restaurants: Laboratory Shoe Gallery, Studio Shoe Gallery, Eco, Geox, Bata, Bambino, Corso Italia, Av-Labi, Parfois, Okaidi-Obaibi, Jacadი, Laboratory My House, Tabla Saloni, Tabla Dukani, Cafe Pomodorisimo, Cafe Laboratory.