12.Mar .2021 14:30

If we did not expect a response from the gov’t, we would not unite - Taxpayers' Union

If we did not expect a response from the gov’t, we would not unite - Taxpayers' Union
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"If we did not expect a response from the government, we would not unite, but we had not seen any tangible decisions as a result of our past experience," Alexander Ratishvili, President of the Taxpayers' Union, told Business Morning.

The business associations called on the government to bring the covid-19 vaccine in Georgia as soon as possible in order to create a predictable environment for the business.

In addition, business associations urge the government to resolve the political crisis through dialogue and ease the existing tensions. They also require to prepare a pandemic-adjusted (one-year) tax reform, especially in terms of supporting small and medium-sized enterprises - with the involvement of experts and business associations.

As Ratishvili explains, the business needs "help" and their demands are relevant. According to him, the associations are waiting for a specific consensus from the government.

"The country must recover from the economic crisis quickly and effectively. The sustainability of the business and economy depends on the vaccination in the country. The fact that the pandemic will not end in 2021 is obvious to everyone and we will have to deal with it for at least another year. Those who tell us that the vaccination will take place from late March, they also promised to start the vaccination from late February. However, we do not have specific results. We are ready to participate in the vaccination jointly with the competent authorities.

If preferential measures are not taken against small and medium-sized businesses, those businesses will go bankrupt and money will not flow in the budget," Ratishvili explained.