14.May .2020 18:07

Illegal migrants, including Georgians, will be allowed to temporarily live and work in Italy


All illegal migrants will be allowed to temporarily live and work in Italy.

It refers to migrants who are employed in the agricultural sector or as domestic helpers.

“We have reached an important result… in the fight against crime and in putting an end to the black market in jobs,” Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte.

The migrant workers will be guaranteed “an adequate level of health care” – Conte said.

The new law will allow foreign nationals who arrive in Italy by March 8, 2020, to apply for the right to live legally in the country. According to the decree the new residency permits will be valid for six months.
Foreign nationals must prove that they have experience in working in farms and homes.

They will be able to fill in the relevant documents from June 1 to July 15.