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ILO: Georgia in the Top Ten Globally in Terms of Unemployment

ILO: Georgia in the Top Ten Globally in Terms of Unemployment
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According to a report published by the International Labor Organization (ILO), Georgia is in the top ten in the world in terms of unemployment and ranks tenth.
According to ILO statistics, the unemployment rate in the countries and territories of the world is distributed as follows (TOP-20 countries):
1. South Africa - 29.2%
2. Djibouti - 26.1%
3. Palestinian Territory - 25.9%
4. Kosovo - 25.6%
5. Grenada - 22.9%
6. Swaziland - 22.7%
7. Botswana - 22.6%
8. Lesotho - 22.4%
9. Namibia - 19.9%
10. Georgia - 18.5%
11. Armenia - 18.3%
12. Costa Rica - 17.4%
13. Northern Macedonia - 17.2%
14. Zimbabwe - 16.9%
15. Jordan - 16.8%
16. Greece - 16.3%
17. Bosnia and Herzegovina - 15.7%
18. Spain - 15.5%
19. Saint Lucia - 15.3%
20. Rwanda - 15.3%

The data of the International Labor Organization is based on the data of 2020 in the case of 7 countries, including Georgia. 2019 data is presented for 9 countries, 2018 data is presented for one country, also 2017, 2016 and 2015 are presented for one country. The presentation of unemployment statistics in previous years is due to the fact that the International Labor Organization has not been able to obtain more recent statistical data from these countries.
In addition, an important problem is the issue of unemployment accounting; For example, in many of the poorest countries in Africa, a questionably low unemployment rate is indicated. For example, the official unemployment rate in Chad is 1.1%, in Burundi and Mali - 1.6%; And 3% in Mozambique. If real unemployment is counted in these and dozens of other countries, Georgia will no longer be in the top ten in terms of unemployment. At the same time, Syria no longer records unemployment statistics at all, which is why it is not included in the ranking either. ILO statistics also do not include information on North Korea's unemployment.

An important circumstance related to unemployment statistics is that countries calculate it with different methodologies. In particular, until 2020, Georgia also calculated unemployment according to the international methodology adopted in 1982. According to this methodology, self-employed people, regardless of whether they have an income or not, were considered employed, although in 2020 Georgia switched to a new methodology adopted by the ILO in 2017, by which self-employed and people living in rural areas are no longer automatically employed. In order for a self-employed person to be considered employed, he or she must have cash income, which was not mandatory under the previous methodology.
As a result of the change in methodology, the unemployment rates of previous years were also calculated. For example, in 2019, if according to the previous methodology, 11.6% of citizens in Georgia were considered unemployed, according to the new methodology, this number increased to 17.6%.