16.Nov .2022 23:00

Immigration to Israel from Russia up by 400% in 2022

Immigration to Israel from Russia up by 400% in 2022
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There has been an over 400% increase in aliyah from Russia in 2022, compared to 2021, according to new statistics published on Wednesday by Ofek Israeli - the National Aliyah Promotion Company.

According to Ofek Israeli’s numbers, 32,494 Russian citizens have made aliyah to Israel in 2022 according to Israel’s Law of Return. In addition, 14,450 made aliyah from Ukraine, 3,280 from North America, 1,957 from France and 1,474 from Ethiopia.

Further, according to Ofek Israeli, about 61,000 immigrants arrived in Israel in 2022 as of mid-November, more than 200% higher than in 2021. The final numbers will be published closer to the end of the year.

In addition, 493 olim arrived from the UK, 1,000 from Argentina, 411 from South Africa and 1,750 from Belarus in 2022.

Ofek Israeli will hold a special conference for hundreds of emissaries from all over the world next week in Ashdod. These emissaries work with the Jewish communities worldwide and are those who take care of the process of aliyah for those entitled by Israel’s Law of Return. The emissaries will learn about the variety of absorption programs offered to immigrants.

Aliyah to Israel is boosted with proper information distributed correctly

“In recent years, the encouragement of immigration to Israel has been carried out with the help of hundreds of emissaries located all over the world,” Ofek Israeli CEO Shimon Cohen said on Wednesday. He explained that “when the proper information is distributed correctly to Jews around the world, tens-of-thousands of people make aliyah to Israel.”

"I am proud of the privilege we have to fulfill the Zionist vision every day in our work and to strengthen Israel with tens of thousands of new immigrants every year," Ofek Israeli chairman Dimi Afratsev said. “Even during the crisis in Ukraine, a country where I served as an emissary in the past, we knew how to react quickly and make sure that those entitled to aliyah would come home to Israel,” JPOST reports.