13.Apr .2021 16:00

In March, exports increased by 30.8% - Geostat

In March, exports increased by 30.8% - Geostat
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As a result of the growth of economic activity, in March 2021, a significant improvement in foreign trade was observed.
According to the preliminary data of Geostat, compared to the previous year, exports increased by 30.8%, and its volume amounted to 326.3 million US dollars.
In March, imports rose 17.8% to $ 767.9 million. Accordingly, the trade deficit increased by USD 39.1 million and amounted to USD 441.6 million.
"The growth of exports indicates the recovery of the economy and the improvement of current trends. At the same time, the export rate recorded in March exceeds the data of 2020 and is slightly higher than the data of March 2019 (before the pandemic), "- said Geostat.
In January-March 2021, exports increased by 5.3% to $ 821.0 million, while imports were 2.4% lower than in January-March of the previous year and amounted to $ 1.952.5 million.
It is noteworthy that in 2020, local exports increased by 3.5%, and despite the challenges related to the coronavirus, in 2020, the volume of local exports reached a record high of $ 2,406.9 million.