29.Oct .2020 11:30

In Which Countries Does the Georgian Company WiFisher Sell Services?

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The Georgian software company, WiFisher's sales were composed of 35% of exports before the pandemic. The pandemic reduced this figure to 10%.
As Nodar Ivanidze, the co-founder of the company told BM.GE, the company will not be able to return to the pre-pandemic rate of services exports in 2020, depending on the epidemiological situation.
Armenia, Azerbaijan, the Baltic states, and the Gulf of Aden, Africa, Europe - Sweden, Norway, and Finland - are the locations where WiFisher's first product WiFi has been directly advertised. Still, the pandemic created obstacles in terms of acquiring new markets.
"We have a direct expansion in Armenia and Uzbekistan, where we sell services without partners. Sales have stopped due to the epidemic, and now the recovery has begun again. As for the other 20 countries, when the pandemic started, we stopped the expansion a bit, but we want to introduce our new products in these countries, so our plan for the future is to get a product that was created 1.5 years ago. This is a certificate on the meter system and quality analysis, which costs about 25,000 euros. We plan to start negotiations with Ukraine and Armenia from spring 2021 to provide this service," - said Nodar Ivanidze of Wifisher.