21.Apr .2020 17:42

Inebe: consumers refrain to use ready-made food delivery service

Inebe: consumers refrain to use ready-made food delivery service
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"Though online sales have increased in many directions, this does not apply to the restaurant business," Marita Genebashvili, founder of Inebe told TV-program Women's Narrative.

"At this stage, consumers are focused on buying ingredients and primary consumer products. Although our product is healthy and we do our best to prove that we follow the norms, people still refrain from using ready-made food products”, said Genebashvili.

According to her, March is usually the best time for Inebe in terms of sales but this year there was no growth as expected in the company. Marita Genebashvili names the pandemic as the reason.

At the same time, the founder of Inebe told "Women's Narrative" that "Inebe" stopped working due to the problem of transportation of employees.

"Some of our employees come from Rustavi, Shindisi and other distanced locations, so it was unfortunately impossible for the company to provide transportation," said the company's founder.

Despite the challenges, Marita Genebashvili says the company has attracted new investors and will use additional capital to implement various projects after the resuming the works.