03.May .2019 18:34

Inflation Rises to 4.1% in April

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National Statistics Office of Georgia (Geostat) published the statistics of April and reported that inflation rate amounted to 4.1% in April 2019. This is the highest indicator in the first four months of 2019.

According to Geostat, tobacco and alcohol were among those products, which had the highest increase in prices (21%). Yearly increase in the prices of goods amounted to 5.9%.

The formation of annual inflation was influenced by the price hikes of the following products:

Goods and non-alcohol beverages: price hikes of the products in this category amounted to 5.9%, which influenced annual inflation by 1.82%. The prices got higher on vegetables (25.8%), fish and fish products (13.9%), bread and bread products (11.3%), meat and meat products (4.7%). The prices got lower on fruits and grape (-22.3%).

Alcoholic beverages and tobacco: A 21.1% price hike was noted in this category, which influenced annual inflation indicator by 1.38%. The prices got higher on tobacco by 44.4%.

Transport: A 2.3% price hike was noted on the products in this category, which influenced annual inflation by 0.29%. The prices got higher mostly for the operation of personal transport (3.5%).

Leisure, entertainment and culture: Prices got higher by 7.2% in this category, thus it influence the year inflation by 0.41%. The increase was noted in entertainment and cultural services (6.7%).