20.Jul .2022 16:45

Infrastructure development is necessary to attract more transit cargo through our corridor - Murjikneli

Infrastructure development is necessary to attract more transit cargo through our corridor - Murjikneli
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Mamuka Murjikneli, the general director of Wondernet Express Investment Group, states that the development of appropriate infrastructure is necessary to attract more cargo to the transit corridor of Georgia.

As Murjikneli told Business Course, both the state and the private sector should invest in this direction.

"We work not only with Uzbek cargoes but also with cargoes from Turkmenistan. In the future, we are going to expand our geographical area. We also expect to attract cargoes from Kazakhstan, which will lead to an increase in transit not only for our terminal but also in our region.

As a terminal, we have the latest technologies and are ready for expansion. When our Uzbek partners saw that our terminal is in good condition, cargo is received, processed and sent on time, we were able to sign a memorandum with the Uzkimyoimpeks company.

Both the private sector and the state should invest more in infrastructure development. We must all work together to increase volumes and attract as much transit freight as possible to our corridor. This applies to both ports and railways," said Mamuka Murjikneli.

Mamuka Murjiknel also said that interest in the Georgian corridor has increased recently, one of the reasons for which is the signing of a memorandum with Uzkimyoimpeks.

Uzkimyoimpeks plans to export mineral fertilizers and other chemical products produced in Uzbekistan through Georgia, for which it will use the logistics corridor of Wondernet Express. In particular, Uzkimyoimpeks will transport mineral fertilizers to Europe, South America and other destinations through Georgia. The corporation unites Uzbekistan's chemical enterprises and produces 3 million tons of mineral fertilizers per year.

A memorandum of cooperation was signed between Wondernet Express Investment Group and Uzkimyoimpeks, a representative company of Uzbekistan State Joint Stock Company Uzkimyosanoat. The contract was signed this week.