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Interest In Georgian Tea Is Growing - Agrokultura +

Interest In Georgian Tea Is Growing -  Agrokultura +
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The organic tea production company Agrokultura + was launched last year in Chiatura and processed 20 tons of tea. As the founder of the company, Giga Kiparoidze, says in a conversation with BM.GE, the interest in local products is gradually increasing.

"The focus was only made on imported tea for years, while tea rehabilitation program started only recently, increasing interest in local production is a long-term process, but the trend is positive."

Imported, beautifully packaged tea mostly of low-quality hamper our business, but customers gradually appreciate Georgian products. I know of several companies that started taking care of wild tea bush five years ago, processed it, and produced it, so their quality products are already sold in the large chain markets of the country.

For the development of this issue, it is very important to support local producers, protect them and promote them", said Giga Kiparoidze.

According to him, the main part of the product produced by "Agrokultura +" was purchased by one of the exporting companies, which takes it to Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan. As for the pricing policy, the founder notes that depending on the quality of the product, they try their best to set the appropriate price for it, and the price of one kilogram currently varies between GEL 100-120. The company employs 25 people at this stage.