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Investments Made in Finnish Investment Funds at Record Level

Investments Made in Finnish Investment Funds at Record Level
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In December 2020, investments in Finnish investment funds amounted to EUR 135.2 billion, more than ever before. Fund share liability grew by EUR 8.1 billion during 2020. 
According to the latest data of the Bank of Finland, in January-March 2020, investment funds’ market value declined by EUR 15.6 billion, in addition to net redemptions of EUR 2.8 billion due to the international coronavirus pandemic. However, the appreciation of the invested assets and new subscriptions after April 2020 increased Finnish investment funds’ fund share liability by the end of 2020. In April-December 2020, the appreciation of investments increased the value of fund units by EUR 21.9 billion, while new subscriptions in these funds amounted to a further EUR 4.5 billion in net terms.
In 2020, the largest new net investments in Finnish investment funds were made by households (EUR 1.2 billion). In addition, the appreciation of asset prices increased households’ fund holdings by EUR 2.3 billion in 2020 despite the decline in the spring. At the end of December 2020, households’ holdings in domestic investment funds amounted to EUR 37.8 billion, of which domestic households accounted for EUR 27.8 billion. Households have their largest holdings in Finnish investment funds. In addition to direct investments, Finnish households hold investments worth EUR 31.6 billion through unit-linked insurance policies.
Finns own almost 80% of Finnish investment fund units. These holdings amounted to EUR 105, 1 billion at the end of December 2020. The highest foreign holdings belonged to Swedes, Norwegians and Luxembourgers. In 2020, foreign investors made more net investments in Finnish funds than Finns did. Foreign investors made net fund subscriptions of EUR 1.3 billion while Finnish investors invested EUR 0.4 billion.
At the end of December 2020, out of Finnish investment funds’ aggregate investments of EUR 138.6 billion, 31% was allocated to Finland and 69% abroad. The largest foreign investments were made in the United States (EUR 20.0 billion), Sweden (EUR 13.4 billion) and Luxembourg (EUR 12.4 billion). The funds’ investments in the EU area amounted to EUR 52.7 billion.
During 2020, investment funds made new investments of EUR 2.1 billion in net terms. The funds invested EUR 3.8 billion abroad but reduced domestic holdings by EUR 1.8 billion. In addition to new subscriptions, changes in valuation increased the funds’ foreign holdings by EUR 2.1 billion. The funds’ domestic holdings increased by EUR 4.4 billion as a result of changes in valuation.